About Me

Christine Goldbeck


The good thing about coming from nothing is that when you have nothing to lose, you also have nothing to fear. I was born and raised mostly in the Pennsylvania Anthracite Region. The men in my family were coal miners. The women were factory workers. I also spent several growing-up years on a farm in Laurel, Mississippi.

Despite that I now have a little more than nothing, I try to live under the “no fear” policy. I take risks that help me to put my interpretations of experiences into art that I hope viewers will find interesting and unique. I am a photographer, painter, and writer. I work in multiple traditional mediums and I make digital paintings and digital mixed media art.

As an art photographer, I work mostly with nature. Other favorite subjects include industrial and farm ruins and windows.  I also like to use my technical skills with cameras and my creative abilities as an artist to produce abstract, painterly photographs. I paint with light, in other words. I work to capture or to create motion through natural means, such as wind or moving water, and through my own action, such as panning or swiping. The goal is to express movement, reflection, texture and vivid color in photographs using an overall style similar to the Impressionist painters. Some of the photographs show form. Others suggest it, thereby allowing viewers to make what they wish of the images.

My paintings are explorations of craft and self. My favorite way to work with traditional paints is to put aside brushes and reality to make layered and textured stories. I build both visual and dimensional texture into most of my paintings.  Lately, I am enjoying working with encaustic and oil and with cold wax and oil.

Because I like to be busy, I also have a career in government. I research, write and network with many people and groups to create state law dealing with urban issues. Making policy and making art are similar in many ways because both require the practice of creative and critical observation and thinking skills.

In addition to making art, I love bicycling, hiking, and teaching. I teach digital photography and painting at Arts on Union in Middletown, and I teach digital photography at the Art Association of Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  I am an insatiable reader and bibliophile.  I collect the work of early 20th century American authors and I rescue old books and make them into art. I also lead book discussions for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and for libraries throughout the state.

A former national and state award-winning photojournalist, I hold a Master of Fine Arts-Interdisciplinary Arts (MFA-IA) degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree. I exhibit widely and my art is in stateside and in international corporate and private collections. In 2007, I had a solo show in the Pennsylvania Capitol East Wing Rotunda and in July 2010, I exhibited solo at WITF Public Media Center in Harrisburg.  I am a Juried Member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

So that’s me. If you want to read the real-world credentials I come with, please review my Resume/CV.