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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Oct 5 - Adrift on the Swatara

Photo a Day – The Poetry of Leaves and Water

Poetry … I began my artistic career at age 6 or 7 as a writer of poetry and short stories with my own drawings. I rarely write poetry any more, but I still do love it and I think a lot of my photo work is poetic. Gentle movement, reflection, light and shadow, all things

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Christine Goldbeck Photo a Day Dreamy Sunflowers

Photo a Day – Fall Flowers and Dreamy Sunflowers

Dreamy, like the breeze on a fall at mid-day. An 8 by 10 print, signed and under a mat, is $15, plus $2 s/h. Here is its sister image, also dreamy and mindful of a sunny, September afternoon. An 8 by 10, signed and under a mat, is $15. Or buy the set, via the

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Colorful Climb

Photo a Day – Colorful Climb (a Polaroid Transfer)

When I sit in one of my favorite reading spots and look up, this photograph shows my view. If I am reading sci-fi, it might even be these colors in my minds’ eye. After app stacking the photograph to  achieve the desired effects I wanted, I made a Polaroid transfer. An 8 by 10, signed

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - A Colorful Place to Read

Photo a Day – A Colorful Place to Read

This is one of my three-season novel reading spots. I love it in the summer, as you see it here, because the swing is almost hidden by our hyacinth bean vine, which Jay considers a noxious weed and which I adore for its cover and its color. In this photograph, I boosted the saturday on

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Sunflower Field - 48 by 24 acrylic, mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Sunflower Field mixed media painting

It looks awesome on a long wall. I’ve had it in the gallery at Arts on Union, in my living room, over the couch. I wish I had a fireplace! It would look cool there! This painting came off easel Saturday evening. It, and several others that are rolling out of the studio are the

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Photo a Day By Christine Goldbeck - Sept 22 - Arranging a Bouquet

Photo a Day – Arranging a Bouquet

Whether fresh or silk, I love to design and make flower arrangements. With fall approaching, it is important for me to make sure I have vases and baskets of flowers inside. I need this to get going when the days grow short and cold. So, standing outside under the pergola, in my shorts and a

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Sept 13 - Looking Through Philly

Photo a Day – Looking Through Philly

Working in urban settings, I have the opportunity to really look at where I am and one of the things I love most about Philadelphia is its architecture. When you are in one building and you look out a window, you have the chance to find all sorts of interesting views. Such as this one,

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Sept. 9 - Playing with Rocks

Photo a Day – Playing with Rocks

Rocks – I could stare at them all day, especially when water is flowing over them and I am in a spot where the light is changing as trees blow in the wind, or because I have dallied long enough staring at them while time is moving on. Playing with rocks – it’s a fascination

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Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck - Sept. 6 - Echoes in the Night

Photo a Day – Echoes in the Night

The combination of art and science one can use in photography never ceases to delight me. I had so much fun making this one because I had to put a lot of thought into its creation: (1) it was dark; (2) had I used flash of any sort, this image would not look like this

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Photography – The Beach

These are scenes from this month’s trip to the beach, whereupon I swam with dolphins, took early walks on the beach, late walks on the beach … just my cameras and me and, occasionally, a few other early risers and whereupon I marveled at the beauty, no matter the time or the weather. I made

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Christine Goldbeck Photo a Day - Aug 24 - Floral Bouquet

Photo a Day – Floral Bouquet

Sunflowers. For me, August is all about finding, photographing and painting sunflowers. If you are interested in a print, let me know. For right now, I am deciding whether to do customary matting or go with a different way of mounting for presentation. I have some new ideas I would like to try.

Christine Goldbeck, Spring Walk, a mixed media diptych painting

Demonstrating Experimental Mixed Media Painting in Lancaster on Aug. 24

Today, I am heading out of the studio to the Center for American Craft at in 335 N. Queen St. in Lancaster, PA 17603, the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen headquarters, to demonstrate how I paint. Come on over! I’ll be there from noon to three. Experimental mixed media painting combines the elements and principles of art

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Christine Goldbeck Photo a Day -Sunflower at Sundown

Photo a Day – Sunflower at Sundown

I adore sunflowers … big, little, yellow, orange, it matters not. So, while walking the pups, down near the river, here in Middletown, PA.,  I happened upon this mammoth and just had to make some shots.   An 8 by 10 print, matted to 11 by 14, is $15, plus $2 s/h. Buy it through

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