My world (the things I love) in photographs

Island Sunset, a photograph by Christine Goldbeck

Island Sunset at Chincoteague

The one thing I love about preparing for upcoming exhibitions is that I get to sort through my photographs and determine what might, could, should, WILL make the cut and be printed for formal exhibition.

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So, in this slideshow, I am sharing some of my favorites, most of which will appear in large format on canvas later this year. View the images as either a gallery or a slideshow, by clicking on the “View” link in the upper left corner, once the slideshow loads. (Note: to MAC, iPAD and iphone users: click here to see the images.

These photographs are of places I have been and loved or things I love, wherein I arrange a still life and make photographs of it, such as with the tulips and with the creek still life of the shells, rocks, wildflowers and feather.

If you are interested in a print of any of the photographs, please contact me.

It’s almost time! The Millworks is opening March 12

One can feel the energy increase as we move closer to the official opening of  The Millworks, in midtown Harrisburg.

The former Stokes Millworks was a blighted building up until two years ago, when construction began. Now, this building houses thirty three artists, including my mates in Studio 104, Elaine Brady Smith and Joan Maguire. twenty three working studios, two galleries, an open-courtyard, and a 5,000 square-foot local sustainable restaurant and bar.

We artists moved in late last year and we are working to make art for the galleries. The energy among us is exhilarating, and that’s  putting it conservatively.

Mark your calendar for March 12 and come see us. We are right up from Midtown Scholar Bookstore and just across from Broad Street Market.

Christine Goldbeck, MFA-IA, in Studio 104 at The Millworks.

Me, in  Studio 104 at The Millworks.