BRAND me and YOU WIN art

I value the insights I gain from listening to patrons and visitors and friends talk about what attracts them to buy my work or to commission me for custom work. So, let’s play! You might just win free art.

What word – ONE word — best describes my art? Think beyond generic terms such as “quality” or “service” to words that SAY something, words that convey a feeling or an experience.

Genia's Roses

Genia's Roses

For example, think of the word “cowboy.” Did you think/see “Marlboro” in your mind’s eye? I am looking for a term that applies to the “experience” or “emotion” you receive from my art.

It might be helpful to poke around this site and its galleries and to view the images of my paintings and photographs here. (click once and the image will come up, click twice it will size itself to screen, click once again and it will allow you to keep going through the gallery.)


When you have your word, a sentence or two about why you chose this word, will be most helpful to me. You can post your response, here, in the comments section. Or, if you are receiving this invitation via Facebook, in the Facebook comments for this post. Twitter responses will work, too!

I will accept comments through Sunday, May 22, 2011, 11 p.m. (this coming Sunday).

If I choose your word, you WIN art – a large framed photograph or medium-sized painting (16 by 20).

With the word, a little explanation of why you chose that word would be helpful. It could become the phrase in my tagline.

Have fun with this AND thank you, in advance.