Preserving love of print in the digital age

I love innovation. I do. I adore making art on my IPAD with APPS. I love my digital cameras. Yet, I have a deep love for all things print, old typewriters, cameras, writing desks, ink wells …

Moodswing, a digital mixed media painting that Christine Goldbeck made on the IPAD

Moodswing, digital mixed media made on IPAD

Combine that passion for print ¬†with my love of series work, wherein I focus on a subject and create multiple works of art that explores it through a single or several mediums, and you will meet my newest work “In Praise of Print.”

In Praise of Print I, the first in a new collection of encaustic, digital mixed media by Christine Goldbeck, represented by Arts on Union in Middletown PA and Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

In Praise of Print I, the first in a new collection

This collection contains the whole ball of wax, so to speak. It begins with photographs of my old typewriters, paintings, print ephemera, cameras, books, and other objects in my library. It involves bringing all of that work together into digital mixed media prints that become encaustic mixed media pieces. Encaustic painting involves working with a hot beeswax medium and oil paints. (It is the only cooking I do, really. My family members quickly lost their smiles when I bought a griddle and brought it directly to my studio. I made a straight beeline right through the kitchen with it.)

I think, because of the permanency of encaustic, I am trying to say that PRINT will always be a process and a product in my life. INK is in my blood. I love the smell of books. I love the feel of the newspaper. I adore, I mean completely flip, over typewriters, inkwells and dip pens.

To date, two pieces for “In Praise of Print” are complete. In fact, you can see them for the first time this Friday night, when Arts on Union, a fine arts gallery and design studio in Middletown, Pa., opens its new exhibition “The Mixed Media Art Group.” I intend to limit the prints in this collection, even though each of the single prints, will be slightly different due to the nature of encaustic.

Come on over Friday. Or contact Arts on Union to arrange to see the work privately.

Now, I am off to read a book. I always have several going and among the currents is Eight Girls Taking Pictures, which I am reading in book form and The Time in Between, which I am reading on my IPAD in IBooks.

Eudora Welty lost her camera

Recently, while in New Orleans, I met Photographer David G. Spielman on a visit to his studio and gallery. Aside from the fact that Spielman’s work is a wonder to behold and he is a joy to talk with, I came away breathless after hearing his story about making photographs of Eudora Welty. Spielman made the photographs for the book Southern Writers.

Eudora Welty is on my Top 10 Favorite American Authors List. Nonetheless, this is a story for another time. For now, let’s just say that I spent some of my growing up years in southern Mississippi. So, later in life, when I read her novels and stories, I was transported back to that culture, although not to the specific era, of course.

When I learned Welty had also been a photographer, I became even more enchanted with her. Alas, I have lectured about her, I have led book discussions featuring her work, I have read and re-read her work; I never met her though. Spielman had the opportunity to spend time with her and his story of the experience will stay with me forever.

Southern Writers

Southern Writers


Their meeting was of recent vintage and, naturally, then aged into her 80s, she was a little frail in physical condition but far from lacking in her mental accuity. Spielman said he did talk with her about making photographs. He asked her why she stopped being a photographer and … honestly, I get misty-eyed recalling this … she told him, “I lost my camera.”

Spielman told me he said something like “But, Miss Welty, anyone in the world would have given you a camera.”

To this, Welty said, “I didn’t want to ask.”

For everything her work has given me, I would given her every camera I have.