Max Einhorn – a boost to creative industry in Central PA

Meet Max Einhorn, a filmmaker in Central PA. That’s right in Central PA, Middletown, as a matter of fact.

The Press & Journal, one of our last remaining independent print voices, featured Max and company in a news story that increased my end-of-day energy level in ways a double espresso just can’t.

Max stands for everything that is right about young people and about an individual’s desire to do good work at home. Let’s face it, Max could film in Philly, where he goes to school. But, he chooses to work here – making scenes in the downtown and places like Kuppy’s Diner (YUM!) This is not the first independent film he has made in Middletown, by the way.

It’s guys like Max that give me the energy to continue my creative industry/economy efforts in this town and this region. Please do support his efforts and encourage him to continue to work at home, doing great things for a great post-industrial town that I also choose to call home.

Made in Middletown. I sense a logo in the works!