No Room on Your Walls?

Visitors to the gallery or my show booths often say they love my work, but their walls are already filled with pictures. So, I want to share what I learned from several of my clients who rotate their art in their homes and their offices.

Spring-Morning-on-the-Pond a mixed media painting by Christine Goldbeck


The first time  heard this, I thought it was … well … a rather strange concept.  A collector called to ask when she could visit the gallery to see new work.   I reacted (more so like a designer than a business person, mind you), “Where are you going to put it?”

Oh, it’s time to change the walls, she told me. “You know, it’s a new season and all.”

“You mean you rotate your art like we do our closets when summer moves to fall?” I asked.

“Yes. Whatever doesn’t fit when I am done rotating, I’ll put in the closet and bring it out again next year or whenever,” she explained. “This way, I always feel like I have new stuff and I don’t have to part with my collection.”

How liberating! Why didn’t I think of that? I had never done this in my home and I don’t recall my grandparents or parents having done it either. Usually with the change of seasons and particularly to accommodate change of lifestyle for shorter days in winter, I move furniture and lighting in my house. For the last two years, I’ve also been moving my personal art collection around as well. It’s like moving into a new house!

Early-September-Sunset a mixed media painting by Christine Goldbeck


It just goes to show you, the customer is ALWAYS right!

So, go ahead. Put a piece or two in the closet, take them to the office or move them to another place.

Then, come see me for new decor. Perhaps, a piece or two that matches the new season. Or, if you’re like me, a floral scene to get you through a long winter.