Photographing like a painter

Rebecca's Garden

Rebecca's Garden, a Holga photograph

My customers, collectors and visitors tell me that in many cases my photographs look like paintings.

They’re right and it is intentional on my part. I love the Impressionists and abstract expressionist impressionism, all of which is to say I adore having light as my creative partner and I love the challenge of taking what I see and making it my own.

Come right down to it, photography is painting with light. Both the painter and the artist are chasers of light and light is ever-changing. Warm light, cool light, daylight, dusk, midnight light, winter light … orange light, periwinkle light, green-gold light … see what I mean? We define the temperature and color of light so that we can represent and interpret it in our own creative ways.

Photographing like a painter is a bit trickier than making representational photographs. It requires using the technical abilities of a camera and skills with the science side of photography in conjunction with creative passion and vision. It also requires the artist to not be afraid of breaking rules and smashing through boundaries.


NOTE: As with most Christine Goldbeck photographs, other sizes and frame options are available as are prints on canvas. Feel free to send an email or call the gallery (570) 205-0736 to talk about options for customizing your purchase.

Summer Reflection

Summer Reflection, award-winning original photograph


“Rebecca’s Garden” was made with the Holga camera in my former garden in Shenandoah Heights, Schuylkill County, PA. “Summer Reflection” was made with a digital camera in early morning light at Tyler State Park in Newtown, Bucks County, PA.