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Nature's Bouquet - pastel and acrylic (mixed media) on canvas. 24 by 30 - $650.00

Nature’s Bouquet – pastel and acrylic (mixed media) on canvas. 24 by 30 – $650.00. Click on image to enlarge

It’s been busy in the studios and with my students and, like always, I am challenging myself to work in different ways and to learn new techniques.

To see some of what I have been up to lately, please visit my newsletter (where you will find a coupon) and news about the Daily Painters of Pennsylvania, who will exhibit next month at the Pennsylvania Capitol.

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Photo a Day – Nov 2 – Coming Home

Photo a Day by Christine Goldbeck Nov. 2 Coming Home

Nov. 2 Coming Home

Usually, I am on this train from Philadelphia to Middletown. However, today, I had the pleasure of walking to the station to meet my little sister and my niece, who had gone to Philly for the day to investigate the Arts Institute and to shop.

This photo, shot with a high ISO, has a lot of grain, which I like in this photo. I was not on a tripod, so I had to shoot high ISO to get all the light. The sacrifice was all the texture, which, in this case, I like, for this photograph. I had not intended to make photographs while I waited for the train, but when I saw the light it was emanating and how it lit up the night sky and the rails, well, I seized the opportunity.

An 8 by 10 print, signed and matted to 11 by 14, is $15, plus $ 2 s/h.